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Do We Have the Perfect Apheresis Chair Yet?

TSK Products was asked to provide a replacement for recliners in Apheresis and Photopheresis a while back. Though we installed what was available at the time, we continued to examine products that would serve both nurses and their patients better in the future. Our goal was to find a perfect product that adjusted height to each nurse. This story has two endings.

Three years ago, we found that product which we renamed Adeen, matching the Irish goddess who guides in transformation, healing, balance, and wholeness with the product we felt does the same. The product literally transforms from apheresis chair to exam table or hydration station, if needed. Its balance is seen in its Trendelenburg positioning as well as being at the fulcrum of cost and function. The healing and wholeness, though coming from the care provider, can be felt in its contoured cushioning

Here is a quick video describing the Adeen:

You will see how you can use it as an exam room table instead of very expensive tables, creating a universal, transformable piece of equipment that will meet the challenges of schedule changes, treatment, and staffing.

Now, in 2023, we have all the functionality of the Adeen with the aesthetics of fine furniture in the Elevate ZG . This is our solution, our new ending, for now.

To see if it’s right for you, we can schedule a Teams meeting, and, if you love it, we can bring one in for evaluation. Let us know and we’ll schedule something.


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