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Elevate ZG (Exam Lift)

The Elevate, first and foremost, saves your nurse's back. Stepping on the foot controller, the patient is raised to the nurse's ergonomically perfect height.

Safety drives the Elevate. In addition to not bending over the patient during treatment, the nurses will never have to manually lift the patient out of Trendelenburg. With the power feature, the nurse can raise the patient back to a seated position with the touch of a button.

Tray Table.gif

Patient Comfort is experienced as soon as the patient clicks the preset "Zero Gravity," or pelvic tilt, position on the wand. Adding options like Heat, USB Port, Pillow fill out the patient experience and producing appreciation for well thought-out clinic.

A Durable and Flexible chair that is customizable for specific rooms is the Holy Grail in the Infusion Center, making the department Nimble and able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Customizing the chair to make the product fit a facility's chemotherapy area is the work we've chosen. Understanding the patient flow, patient population, delivery of care nuances, all go into our problem definition and eventual problem solving, delivering you the best product for your facility.


One Chair for the Entire Cancer Center

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